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Another iPad Mini, This Time With Retina Display

Another iPad Mini, This Time With Retina Display

Apple seem to churn out device after device. And just when you have had a chance to enjoy the thought of purchasing the newest one, they release another newer one. Its an endless cycle. Nevertheless, Apple have released a new iPad mini. You may be reading this and thinking ‘what could possibly be different with this one?’. Well, this comes from retina display!

For those that are interested in purchasing the new iPad, it is so far only available online. They have stuck to a promise they had made about the new smaller device being released for late November. But I can’t really see who the promise was intended for other than technology powerhouse themselves, it just so happens the new portable device is now available just before the Christmas shopping rush.

Could their be an iPad mini Air in the pipeline

The iPad Air has only just also been released for purchase, which would definitely excite potential purchasers. Given the the iPad was also improved for retina display, and since its now advanced to the Air version it only seems right that the mini will also do the same. If the theory is in fact correct, then sometime next year we could have the Air version of the very popular smaller device.

iPad mini with retina display in short supply

iPad mini with retina display in short supply

Apple have said that the response to the iPad Air has been ‘incredible’. Apple’s iPad is the leading handheld device in current existence, and it has some hardcore, wait all night type of fans. It goes without saying that the lighter version would be the most popular, since the new e-books have also evolved to be very light.

The cheapest version of the mini comes in at £319 with 16MB and no mobile data. At the top end the price is £649 for 128GB with 4G. The cheapest versions of the new iPad mini and iPad Air take one to three business days to be dispatched, but the more expensive ones taking between five and ten days.

The only problem with the new mini version is that the screen itself cannot be produced in large quantities. This will definitely create a situation where people will have to wait for their device, it would be wrong to assume that there won’t be a serious demand for the new smaller iPad.

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