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Are You Looking To Save Money This Christmas?

Are You Looking To Save Money This Christmas?

With the festive season approaching at the speed of light, there is the possibility that costs could rise fast and uncontrollably. Buying presents, food and everything else is not cheap at this time of year. With salaries low and prices high, the impact on our savings is only further amplified. So saving a few pennies and in turn pounds will definitely help our pockets as we enter into 2014.

Saving money is not a far fetched idea. The following 5 tips should help lower the financial stress that is often experienced in the twelfth month of every year.

Homemade Christmas decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations

Voucher code websites could really help you find the discounts on offer from the large number of online retailers. Here you will get shopping codes, that can be entered at the checkout before you purchase the item to get yourself a nice discount. You may need to sign up to most of them, but its a small price to pay for the possible savings you will make towards your Christmas shopping.

It would be silly not to use every possible trick in your armory, and lucky for us we have price comparison websites. All the hard work has been done, meaning you just have to enter your item name and in a few seconds you will find out where you can purchase it for the lowest price. Websites such as Kelkoo will compare prices from a number of online retailers, which means you should be making savings on your purchases. This is really helpful for electronic items, and any expensive purchases you may find yourself making.

If on the other hand you are looking to make savings on everyday purchases such as groceries, then you are able to compare the prices on your entire trolley and in turn make healthy savings. There are many price comparison websites that should be used before you make a purchase to help you get the most for your money.

Before you step foot into a shop or website to make a purchase, make sure you make a list. Doing so will cement what you need to purchase for everyone, and you can tick the items off once you have done so. But this helps in comparing prices. Which will allow you to get the item for an amount that will incur the smallest damage on your pocket. There is also the other benefit of saving time, and not getting carried away because shopping malls have tempted you to part with more money than you hoped. Simply because you saw Christmas decorations and felt the festive spirit.

If have a decent creative bone in your body, then you could treat your families and friends to homemade Christmas presents. Things like Christmas cards can be made and they will also allow you to save a lot of money, since nice Christmas cards can be expensive. And by making your own, those who receive them may appreciate them that much more. Homemade Christmas decorations can also help to reduce the cost associated with Christmas. Homemade Christmas presents could also be an idea. Making hampers filled with your friends and families favourite foods could be much nicer than the latest tablet. And just an FYI, older family members may love personalised presents from children. So why not create some homemade Christmas pieces of art using the child’s handprint or footprint.

The best tip that can be shared at this time of year is to not go crazy. Yes it may seem like strange advice, but then it is a strange time of year. It is very easy to get caught up in the festive hurricane that rages wild this time of year. Buying things that will only be used for a small amount of time, or things that could be replaced for a cheaper alternative. Keep a budget and try to stick to it, you will feel much better come the new year when your bills are that much smaller.

So as you go Christmas shopping, keep these tips in the forefront of your mind and keep your finances happy.

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