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Are You Thinking Of Immigrating To Turkey?

Are You Thinking Of Immigrating To Turkey?

There is good news for all those Brits thinking about immigrating to Turkey, a country with huge importance due to its location in Europe. But for the most part it is located in Asia, well over 90%, and it isn’t far from Africa. It is a country that is the closest to three different continents, which only adds to its geographical importance.

For British expatriates in Turkey, and for all those still in the UK who are looking to immigrate, do business, or invest in property, life is about to become a little easier. Asia and Europe are now connected by the first ever rail tunnel, which can take commuters right to the heart of Istanbul. Due to the speed and relative ease of taking a train it will turn Turkey into a business hotspot, and the nation in the south-east of Europe is preparing for increased exports from the UK as a result.

The Marmaray Tunnel is the first tunnel in history that links both Europe and Asia. It is almost nine miles long, and it will actively live under the Bosporus. This is the line that separates the European side of the city, with the Asian.
Istanbul is home to approximately 16 million people. But with the much improved rail connection, there is no doubt that there could be an influx of people immigrating to Turkey. For any British expatriates in Turkey, travelling back to the United Kingdom will be much easier. Simply because they have another option as to how they would like to travel, a long train journey across Europe could be a nice way.

Property in Istanbul experiencing prices rises

Before the tunnel opened the only way to travel was via one of the two bridges. This led to huge congestion issues, with backed up traffic due to the two million people using them on a daily basis. This is only the start to some very positive travel news. The Government in China are already setting plans to build a high speed rail network that would link the vast majority of Asia. Therefore, there is a the strong possibility that London and Beijing will be connected in the future, via Istanbul.

Bridges in Instanbul suffer from traffic

Bridges in Instanbul suffer from traffic

The effect that the Marmaray Tunnel has made is already evident, as property prices have begun to rise steadily. For those British expatriates in Turkey who currently who own property, this is the time to rub your hands together and smile. Because a profit on your investment could be on the cards.

However, for all those thinking about immigrating to Turkey the situation is slightly different. If property prices do increase, these individuals may need to raise more money if they plan on living in Istanbul. But what cannot be denied is that the new tunnel opens up different avenues, one of which is the potential for better business links and for tourism. What next? The first rail link between Europe and Africa? This has to be a maybe.

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