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Bale Could Be Making Another Big Move Next Summer

Bale Could Be Making Another Big Move Next Summer

If there is one thing you can bank on its that football will always generate rumours. Usually ones that have the power to capture the entire footballing massive, from fans to pundits and everyone inbetween. The rumours have been coming as often as it rains in England, which for those not aware its very often.

The latest bombshell to drop, has been news that Manchester United are thinking about putting in a bid for Gareth Bale next summer. Real Madrid had to raise £85 million to sign the then Tottenham powerhouse, and United seem to be monitoring his situation closely. Big players do not like being out of the team for too long, and should he be frustrated about the lack of opportunity he could find himself at Old Trafford.

If Rooney leaves United for more than £35 million, they will be able to use that money to lure a big named player. Fans would not be happy if Wayne Rooney left and he wasn’t replaced with a world class attacking genius. The only player that was purchased by Moyes this summer was Fellaini, and he hasn’t yet shown that he is able to cut it at the top level.

Bale could be on the move again next summer

Bale could be on the move again next summer

All eyes on Bale

Bale is on the shortlist for the Fifa men’s world footballer of the year, there is no doubt he is a world class player. But he is also at the start of his journey, when compared to the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. Which makes this portion of his career vital, not only in regards to him developing further but also in regards to him getting enough match time. So far he has only played a handful of times for the world’s richest football club, and thats not nearly enough.

The money that was spent on Bale meant that Real Madrid were expecting a lot from him in important clashes, they hadn’t purchased him for his shirt selling power yet. In England he had no trouble imposing himself in games, taking control and floating around freely. However, the attention is on the Welshman, and no one can deny that when you are advertised as the world’s most expensive player people expect to see special things from you. This is where Bale finds himself, his every move being watched. Every pass, shot and run all closely monitored. Not just by his own manager, but the managers all over the world and those managers who sit on their sofas every saturday too.

There are many players at both Real Madrid and Barcelona who were taken from the Premiership, and most have become shadows of their former selves. Ronaldo being a very obvious exception. But with Manchester United paying close attention to Bale, he could find a decent escape from the circus that he is currently finds himself in.

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