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Boeing Or The Airbus

Boeing Or The Airbus

The business of flying has moved forward in leaps and bounds. When you purchase a ticket to fly, it could be influenced on the type of aircraft you desire. Each one will get you from ‘A’ to ‘B’. But some plane’s offer you that same journey with more style and grandeur.

Many many years ago the Concorde ruled the roost as the pinnacle of the flying experience. A supersonic passenger airliner, that was at the time an aviation groundbreaker. Fast forward to 2013 and two new planes are battling it out for supremacy in the skies.

The airbus’ A350 XWB will be going at it with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. However, both will have too many similarities for the ordinary onlooker to tell the difference. But the keen eye will have no trouble in doing that over time.

Remember the A380?

Both will be made using carbon fiber. The A350 will be made with 53% carbon fiber, while the 787 will be produced using 50%. Both will also have very similar ranges, having the ability to fly over 8,000 miles without requiring the need to refuel. The one notable difference will be the number of the passengers the two will be able to carry. The 787 will be able to manage 210-230 seats, while the A350 will have as many as 440 seats. The similarities do not end there, as both will come in three models. However, it has been stated that the smallest version of the 787 could be removed.

The unsuccessful Airbus A380

The unsuccessful Airbus A380

It is not a shock that in the same market and with huge amounts of money invested, that two jetliners have been designed and both have ended up being very similar. Both began their journeys on opposite ends. The Airbus A380 was much bigger but unsuccessful, whereas Boeing focused on the smaller 787.

The 787 will cost a lot less to produce. Coming in at $150-205 million compared to the £225-280 million that the A350 will cost. At the moment the A350 would have to soar a lot higher than the 787 to reach its cruising speed, which puts the 787 at a distinct advantage. And since these extra costs will mount up, it will be reflected in the ticket prices. So if in fact the two planes are fairly similar in terms of flying experience, more people could be swayed for the cheaper option for frequent flying.

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