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British Expatriates Can Now Watch Their British Television Soaps

British Expatriates Can Now Watch Their British Television Soaps

A new service has become available to British expatriates which allows them to stay up to date with their favourite British television soaps. For a very small monthly fee, these expats get the opportunity to enjoy the same shows as their families and friends in the United Kingdom.

It’s trying enough to watch British television soaps in the UK without taking them with you when you go abroad. But if you want to take all that drama to your relaxed holiday or new life, this new service can make those wishes come true.

ITV Essentials making life for British expatriates easier

ITV Essentials making life for British expatriates easier

The British broadcaster ITV has teamed up with Saffron Digital, and as such the television service will be provided across Europe. Currently Belgium, France, Greece, Gibraltar, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and lastly Spain will all be offering their British expatriates soaps from their beloved United Kingdom. It was also mentioned that more countries will be added in the future.

ITV raise the bar by making their channel widely accessible

What does this mean for British expatriates? Well, it means they will be able to watch and maybe enjoy Emmerdale and Coronation Street. Both of which just happen to be two of the most popular British television soaps. Fans will have to register for the service called ITV Essentials, and pay just over £4.50 a month, which can be done online. This service will make available episodes of two shows as well as a 30 day catch up option.

ITV Essentials will not ruin programmes with adverts. And just like other online television services, viewers will be able to watch them through their WIFI connection on laptops, tablets and phones. This is just the start of a programme that will mean content will be accessible on most platforms said ITV.

Neale Dennett, controller of pay and distribution at ITV said that this was a ‘landmark deal for ITV’ and that ‘in Saffron Digital we have found the perfect partner to bring these ambitions to life’. At the moment ITV Essentials is only available through a WIFI connection, and it is available to holidaymakers too who are able stay up to date with their shows even when abroad.

What ITV have done is raise the bar with their new service, offering a top quality television experience for viewers across Europe. Which Jason Keane, president of Saffron Digital is in agreement with. One of the main perks of this service is that you can get a dose of the sad and sometimes difficult to watch stories in soap land, and then enjoy your holiday or your new nation. Perfect!

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