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British Expatriates Creating Online Businesses

British Expatriates Creating Online Businesses

Living and working abroad has become much easier, as such its seen British expatriates creating online businesses. We live in a colourful world, and there are opportunities in abundance allowing us to enjoy a new place and culture. Something you cannot do from the confines of an office in the UK, but an experience that can only be positive for the individual.

The vast majority of British expatriates creating online businesses are doing so by using their writing, entrepreneurial, marketing and teaching skills. Because lets face it there are some amazing opportunities all over the world, in developed and developing areas. But then this begs the question of ‘how a Brit goes from working in the UK to working in their dream location?’

Brits creating online businesses abroad

Brits creating online businesses abroad

Firstly, becoming mobile will make working abroad simpler, this means travelling light with just the essentials. In the past this would mean a small selection of clothing, but in this day and age adding a laptop or phone to the mix won’t be such a bad idea. This provides access to the internet and therefore access to emails, and allows the individual to do their work. In this regard don’t be cheap and buy something that could break down, buy quality so that it lasts.

It is important to do the job you will enjoy and take pride in.

Prior to leaving give time and attention to living costs to make sure you’re covered. This could mean making sure you have money to support the trip, or it could mean you’ve made sure that you’ll be able to work abroad and know how much you will earn. The worst case scenario would be if you left yourself short through lack of attention.

It is important to be prepared, knowing where your income is coming from and where you will live. In this endeavour it is always beneficial to speak to other British expatriates with online companies abroad. There is always something to learn from another’s experiences.

Enjoyment is everything, so do the job you know you will enjoy and will keep you happy and motivated. Moreover, let your clients in the UK know you’re off abroad so that there is no confusion over late emails or just delays, because we all know there are delays when people are communicating from around the world.

Any British expatriates creating online businesses should also learn to back up their work, a standard procedure many fail at completing to their detriment and frustration. Many online software applications do this automatically, providing you with access to your work on any device. The last thing you want is to be dependant on one device and it fails or is lost or worse stolen. Lastly, relish the challenge in doing something new and working abroad. The world is our oyster, what may look like a big step could become the best leap you will make.

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