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British Expatriates Fail To Embrace The Culture In Their New Countries

British Expatriates Fail To Embrace The Culture In Their New Countries

Us Brits can be blamed for complaining about how immigrants do not immerse themselves into British culture. For a small select few this is not correct, yet we all know people who do complain about this unfortunate situation. But what we never find out is, whether or not British expatriates embrace the new country they have adopted as their own.

Brits fail to embrace foreign culture

Brits fail to embrace foreign culture, online visa application help website, polled over 2,100 British expatriates who have been living abroad for over a year. From which it was revealed that the majority of Brits living abroad have chosen to live a lifestyle which can only be described as quintessentially British.

Figures from the study have shown that 35% would prefer to lead a life which resembles the one they had while in the UK, and 44% said that they needed to do much more in order to fully immerse themselves into the new country they currently reside.

Brits shouldn’t be so quick to point their fingers

Those British expatriates who were involved with the study where asked ‘how much they embraced the culture in the country they now live in?’. Respondents were given four choices from which it was revealed that 11% chose ‘Completely’, 17% went for ‘Mostly’, 34% opted for ‘Partially’, and the remaining 38% selected ‘Not really’.

The findings reveal in a crystal clear way that Brits have failed to embrace their new countries, an qualm many have with immigrants coming to Britain. And it is these findings which poses the question, what is driving the desire for these individuals to move abroad? From the poll it was found that 51% have moved because of the opportunities they are getting towards the betterment of their work/career.

With more than half moving because of their career and not because they are looking for a change in life, means that they were happy with their lifestyle in Britain. Which is why so many have maintained similar lives abroad. And since many come to Britain for the same reason, maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to point the finger to those who fail to integrate into the British culture when we ourselves are doing exactly the same elsewhere.

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