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Brits Will Soon Be Using Plastic Money, Not The Paper Money Of Old

Brits Will Soon Be Using Plastic Money, Not The Paper Money Of Old

If you did a quick survey on the number of people who have come into contact with counterfeit money, the chances are that a surprisingly high number would say they had at some point. This is an obvious concern for the British government. Therefore, as technology moves forward and improves, it is no surprise that the British currency will do the same.

The newest update to the British currency, is the move from paper notes to polymer made ones. And from the images currently circulating the media, it appears as if these new polymer notes could be really difficult to crease. All those people who iron their notes will breathe a sigh of relief.

Canadian polymer $100 note

Canadian polymer $100 note

The UK are not the first country to use these new polymer notes, Canada had issued a $100 plastic note back in 2011. The Bank of England is aiming to follow in the same footsteps as Canada, and will be issuing a five-pound polymer note in 2016. Without starting any crazy rumours. Are the Bank of England waiting till 2016, because they feel that they might be putting the image of a new King on the note instead of the current Queen? We will find out.

Can’t get them wet or dirty

A year after the £5 note is put into circulation, a new £10 note will be released. It is understood that the ten-pound note will feature the image of Jane Austen. The one other noticeable difference between the notes, will be the new polymer ones being 15% smaller in size. Whether or not the Bank of England decide to change other notes to polymer is not known.

What the bank have said is, the new polymer notes will be an upgrade on the older paper notes. It will be difficult to get them dirty or wet, since they will be resistant to both. Which are very real and inevitable possibilities. Almost everyone at some point has left a note in a pocket when they’ve put their clothes in the wash.

The other major improvement will be, the newer polymer notes being much harder to copy. The fact that Canada have succeeded in preventing counterfeit notes, is one of the reasons the Bank of England are going forward with moving from paper to plastic.

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