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Bulgaria Is Home For British Expatriates Despite Dangers

Bulgaria Is Home For British Expatriates Despite Dangers

With official figures showing that Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations among British expatriates, the question really is where are these Brits going. This is not an easy piece of information to uncover. In fact trying to find statistical evidence of how many Brits there are in Bulgaria, and where they are exactly is not easy.

Putting statistics to one side, it appears as if Brits can be found anywhere in the country. And there is a large concentration of British expatriates in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. It is here that a 5,000 managers, executives and several thousand other professionals can be found.

The other expected outcome is that professionals in top roles are choosing common neighbourhoods, this means that it very probable that you will stumble upon them. These individuals come from all over, and many of them are Brits. These British expatriates in Sofia have chosen the capital for career reasons, and are living in rented properties until they move on elsewhere.

Life in Bulgaria is not smooth sailing

However, if you look a little further away from the capital then you will find that Brits have made permanent moves to other cities and villages. These UK nationals are thriving out in the Bulgarian rural life just like those British expatriates in Sofia.

Bulgarian rural life popular among Brits

Bulgarian rural life popular among Brits

However, it is unclear as to why most of these people do decide to move their lives to other countries. But those in Bulgaria can be split into two groups. The first are those who have moved for emotional reasons, after falling in love with the country. The second are those who have moved for strategic reasons, after finding business opportunities that they are able to take advantage off.

Generally, British expatriates have completely committed themselves to their new country. Accepting all the highs and lows that will come with their new phases of life. News has revealed how tough it is for expatriates to settle in Bulgaria. Stories of corruption, criminality, intimidation and even violent deaths have not shown life to be a bed of roses for the expat community in Bulgaria.

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