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Canada Working On Attracting More Expatriates Next Year

Canada Working On Attracting More Expatriates Next Year

In an ambitious plan to further encourage economic growth, Canada are trying to get thousands more expatriates to settle in the country this coming year. This news could boost the number of British expatriates in Canada, ones who have ambitions to relocate for new challenges and opportunities.

There is a huge demand in Canada for foreign skilled workers to fill roles in the labour market, and the number of British expatriates in Canada shows how popular the country is with foreigners. Currently the Canadian Government is planning on using two schemes in order to recruit expatriate professionals. They also plan on adding a third scheme, to maximise the number of expats it will attract.

Canadian Governent making sure it increase the number of expatriates

Canadian Governent making sure it increase the number of expatriates

One of the schemes is called the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), this also happens to be one of the favoured routes for expatriates. Using this programme, the Canadian Government is looking at trying to get up to 15,000 new permanent residents next year.

Through the scheme, any foreigner who satisfies the minimum language requirement, and has at minimum one year of skilled work in Canada can become a permanent resident. It applies directly to international student graduates, and any foreign nationals who are currently temporarily employed.

Three available doors for those looking to become British expatriates in Canada

The name of the second main scheme is the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). Out of every option available, this scheme happens to be the second biggest route into the country for immigrants. It is this rule that has allowed expatriates to be spread over the country. In 2000 the scheme brought in 1,250 immigrants, and last there this number increased to 41,000.

Scheme number three will be known as the Start-up Visa Program. The Canadian Government hope to make this one of their main schemes, and it will help entrepreneurs from abroad set up and start a business. At the moment the scheme will run for five years, and it will be limited to 2,700 applicants per year. It is expected that the vast majority of entrepreneurs will be coming from destinations outside North America. And there is strong suggestion that these foreign entrepreneurs will be coming from the life sciences and technology industries.

While Canada are focused on attracting the best global talent, it has been said that some immigrants have had to wait over eight years for their applications to go through the system. This is a definite turn off for many, especially for those potential British expatriates in Canada. Simply put, they will not wait that long to settle in Canada.

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