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Card Readers For Homeless Magazine Vendors In Sweden

Card Readers For Homeless Magazine Vendors In Sweden

If you are one of the many British expatriates in Sweden, then you have surely seen the homeless magazine vendors in city streets. This is not just restricted to Sweden, this is something that can be witnessed in any big city. it helps the homeless earn some money, which they would otherwise possibly get from kind citizens.

In most places these homeless magazine vendors usually only deal with physical money, notes and coins. But in Stockholm this has all changed. Vendors in this Scandinavian city are now able to accept card payments.

Magazine vendors can now take payments using portable card readers

Magazine vendors can now take payments using portable card readers

The magazine that is being sold is called ‘Situation Stockholm’, and it is a culture magazine that costs around £5. It usually features articles and interviews, and is centred around Swedish celebrities. In England we have the Big Issue, which is what many homeless people are seen selling.

In Sweden however, the homeless keep 50% of the sales of the magazine. And now all British expatriates in Sweden will also be able to witness these vendors accepting payments using a portable card reader. This is definitely a world first.

People more willing to pay by card

Usually when you see anyone selling anything on the street and you are forced to communicate with them, it starts and ends with the potential customer saying that they have no money. Well, this is exactly the scenario that is being dealt with in Sweden. “More and more of our sellers come in and say that people don’t have cash” said Pia Stolt, the magazines chief executive officer.

The trial showed that more sales were made when buyers had the choice to purchase the magazines using their cards. If this is true, it would mean that these buyers have complete trust in the vendors. We are all aware of those credit card readers that credit card criminals use.

But if we look at this from the other angle. It makes street vendors look that much more professional, and its not like those British expatriates in Sweden or people all over Britain aren’t paying for items using anything other than variations of card readers. The only factor that buyers will have to overcome is their own predetermined views of those selling the magazines. The magazine can be bought through a text message service. Seems Sweden are thinking well outside the box.

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