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Chelsea To Make Shock Purchase

Chelsea To Make Shock Purchase

The January transfer window is a stones throw away, and rumours of big deals have already begun. The latest is one that could cause some ripples in the footballing world, if it does happen that is. In the past big sides never allowed their players to transfer to their rivals. However, with Chelsea looking like they may try and capture the signing of Wayne Rooney, things definitely look like they are changing. The very fact that Manchester United were able to purchase Robin Van Persie from Arsenal, is a crystal clear sign that things have definitely changed in the Premiership.

Rooney is coming to the end of his contract at Man Utd, and so far has not looked like he is desperate to extend his career at Old Trafford. Which is a shame for United fans, as another player who is approaching his prime decides to leave. Rumour has it that he is waiting for Manchester United to add to his already huge £250,000 a week contract, and he is wanting a five-year deal.

Wayne Rooney's future undecided as Chelsea lay in wait

Wayne Rooney’s future undecided as Chelsea lay in wait

It was under David Moyes that the then teenager made his first Premiership appearance, and it would be too much of a coincidence if the striker was to leave while Moyes was manager of United. But it does seem highly unlikely that he will end up with such a huge deal, when his form has been somewhat lacking up until this season.

Will £35 million be enough to seal the deal

To sway the big cheeses at United, Chelsea are looking like they will be going to Manchester to force a deal using a £35 million carrot. But David Moyes did state that he would not be selling Rooney, and £35 million does seem a little on the light side when you think about how highly rated the striker is world wide.

In either case England’s leading front man is trying to guarantee himself another lucrative contract. Where this will be doesn’t seem like it’s at the top of his agenda. Which makes you think about his improved form this season, the last one before his contract runs out. If the deal happens in January it will be because United will not want Rooney to leave on a free basis. But it would mean that he would not be able to play in the Champions League, or even the FA Cup.

If he does go, who is to fill his spot? And if he goes to the blue team in London, which one of the strikers is going to be the one to go? I guess we will all find out in in early 2014.

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