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China Ends Foreign Game Console Ban, For Now

China Ends Foreign Game Console Ban, For Now

The residents of China will now be able to ‘legally’ enjoy the various worlds video games consoles, from foreign countries, are able to offer. As of now, on a temporary basis, the Chinese Government have lifted a ban on selling these consoles, and it just so happens that the three big gaming companies come from outside China.

With China squeezing in over 1.3 billion people inside its borders, it comes as no surprise that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are licking their lips over the new development. The Chinese gaming market can become one of the most lucrative for these companies, especially with many Asian nations showing a strong interest towards most things technology related.

PC gaming popular in China

PC gaming popular in China

Not only does the easing of the rule pave way for these three gaming titans, it also means smaller games companies will have a wider audience to market their products. Independent gaming companies and even the mobile game companies, will have another billion and more people who could potentially be interested in their creations.

Microsoft should realise a profit first

Ever since 2000, China have banned gaming consoles. The reason which was given in support of the ban was related to the mental health of its younger generations. Which given the state of youth around the world is a fair point, gaming addiction is real and it does has both physical and mental ramifications.

Due to consoles being banned, the PC gaming market is hugely popular. It is estimated that that PC games have taken control of two-thirds of the Chinese gaming market , and this is valued at £8bn.

The financial gain that the gaming industry can offer is undeniable, in this technological age its an industry that offers people jobs and a future. Therefore, it is no surprise the Chinese government have taken the step to temporarily end the ban. In a statement released by the Chinese government, it revealed that foreign firms will be allowed to make consoles within Shanghai’s trade zone. They would then be able to sell the consoles in China, once they have been inspected by its cultural departments.

Nothing has been revealed as to the length of time the suspension will last. And while the Chinese gaming market could provide a monumental boost to the finances of the three major gaming companies, it may be Microsoft who get first profitable bite. As they already outsource their hardware, and as such it could find itself in the best position to take advantage of the opportunity and begin making consoles in China very quickly.

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