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Could Lionel Messi Be On His Way To The Premiership

Could Lionel Messi Be On His Way To The Premiership

Lionel Messi, arguably the world’s best footballer, has decided that his time at Spanish giants Barcelona is up. The rumour was started by Punto Pelota journalist Francois Gallardo. And since there is usually no smoke without a fire, it could well be true. A fresh start may be of benefit to Messi, a new set of challenges at one of Europe’s other big side’s may not be a bad idea.

Manchester United are on the look out for a world class attacking player, and Messi would make a perfect addition in the squad. However, the news will have all big sides in Europe ready to pounce.

Messi, 26, feels let down after a contract renewal was rejected by Barcelona. This has left a sour taste in the Argentine’s mouth. If he leaves it will be Barcelona who will be worse off, he is after all one of the worlds best. Ronaldo is the only other player that could contend for the same crown.

Messi to Real Madrid

It was in September that Messi requested a review of his contract, which Barcelona agreed to. An increase in wages was also promised. But a month after the review, Barcelona had let Messi know that they would not be able to fulfill the agreement.

Francois Gallardo

Francois Gallardo

The forward will begin preparing for his transfer after the transfer window closes, and there is suggestion that he could be off to Bayern Munich or even Chelsea. The manager under which Lionel Messi had so much success with, Pep Guardiola, is currently with Bayern Munich. But with Mourinho at Chelsea, and the reputation of success that follows him, a move to Stamford Bridge could be a strong possibility.

Messi is still under contract and if he leaves, Barcelona will be looking at receiving a world record bid. Which can only be made by a handful of teams. A move to Barcelona’s close rivals Real Madrid would really stir up La Liga. Now that is a move that cannot be ruled out.

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