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Did Atari Bury Millions Of Game Cartridges In 1983 In New Mexico?

Did Atari Bury Millions Of Game Cartridges In 1983 In New Mexico?

Anyone over the age of 30 will remember the days of the early video game consoles. The Commodore 64’s, Atari’s and Spectrums. The Game Gears and Gameboys. Systems which didn’t have the graphical capabilities of today’s consoles. But these systems were able to engage the player, more so than current titles.

One of the companies central to early video game consoles and video games was the original Atari company, created in 1972. But it no longer exists in its original form. Many hardcore gamer’s will know the story of the company. Others who still maintain an interest in games, but have no time to play will not know the story. Lucky for them, this will no longer be the case.

Atari console and game cartridges

Atari console and game cartridges

An announcement by Xbox Entertainment Studios is sure to catch the attention of every new, and old gamer from every corner of the world. The video game giant revealed they were working on producing an original documentary series, which would look into the original Atari company.

Technology evolution ruined many game companies

Xbox has the goal of making themselves the most important element in living rooms everywhere. In this vain they are commissioning these original television series, as well as working on forging partnerships for various other entertainment content.

The very first film in their endeavour will focus solely on the supposed video game burial of 1983. One unavoidable issue faced by the video game industry, has been technological evolution. Consoles going out of date quickly, and this puts huge pressure on companies to adapt and push their systems on to the next level.

It is no surprise that the biggest game companies around, Sony and Microsoft, are originally tech companies. Most other smaller companies went out of business a long time ago. Even Sega were forced to reduce its vision to creating games and not consoles.

In the mystery of the video game burial of 1983 Atari were reported to have crushed and buried games like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which ended up being flops. Simply because Atari were lumbered with millions of game cartridges that remained unsold. The rumour is the cartridges ended up in a landfill in New Mexico, USA. Filming will begin in the new year, and the shows including the one about Atari company will only be available through Xbox Live.

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