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Electronic Shisha Pipe Called The Blow Hookah Is Now Available

Electronic Shisha Pipe Called The Blow Hookah Is Now Available

It has happened. With the rise in popularity of e-smoking devices and e-cigarettes, the same technology has been stretched for the Hookah. It has been called the ‘Blow Hookah’, and its a large, battery-powered vaporiser which allows you to e-smoke your favourite e-juices. These will be a concoction of flavours, vitamins, nicotine, or a selection of many other friendly chemicals.

The ‘Blow Hookah’ is over 60cm tall, and it will look like every other traditional shisha pipe that exists. A feature which is shared by e-cigarettes. There will be no need for tobacco, water, charcoal or a flame. It is just like other e-smoking devices, in that it utilises a vaporiser.

Nearly all of the vaporiser mechanism used by the electronic shisha pipe is hidden. The heating element and the e-juice will not be on display, it will be out of view and hidden in the tip of every individual hose. Using the Blow Hookah involves loading up a cartridge of the users choice, and then connecting the hose to the base of the hookah.

Smoke thickness can be adjusted

One advantage in using the electronic shisha pipe is two people will be able to use the Blow Hookah at the same time. Using whichever concoction they prefer. The unit will work using any type of vegetable glycerin-based e-juice, and this is available directly from BLOW. Just like the other e-smoking devices the juices can also be purchased from smoke shops or over the internet. A variety of e-liquids are available among traditional flavours, such as: mixed berry, vanilla and even creme brulee.

E-smoking market beginning to expand

Traditional Shisha pipes have to make way for the electronic Hookah

Available for the steep price of £491, it comes in a range of colours. Black, platinum, gold and a very snazzy bedazzled version. A very fancy base can also be purchased, if you have £552 to part with. This has a remote control so the LED’s can be adjusted.

Interested in how it tastes? Apparently it tastes like any other vaporiser or vapour pen. The one bonus being the ability to play with the thickness of smoke. However, if two people are using the pipe at the same time. then both will have to agree in advance as to how much vapour they would like from each puff.

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