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England To Dominate 2013 Ashes in Australia

England To Dominate 2013 Ashes in Australia

So the 2013 Ashes in Australia is almost upon us, for cricketing fans this is the big one. For us that live in England the forthcoming test series is no longer one to be feared. Lets be honest, do Australia really stand a chance? The answer would be a fat no. The Australian cricket team is no longer one that gives nightmares. A weakened bowling quartet, a batting line-up that is not as resilient compared with the teams in the past. The English cricket team head to Australia with an air of confidence, with the slight feeling that a white-wash could be on the cards.

For British expatriates in Australia this creates the perfect opportunity to be proud of their British team for being winners, and not for simply putting up a decent fight. It also allows for some well deserved payback, after the many years that the Australians literally wiped the floor with the English. And after years of Australians rubbing it in our faces, its time the shoe was on the other foot.

Former England opener writes of any Aussie victory

The real question is whether or not the English cricket team will be able to stamp their authority over Michael Clarke’s men. Current form dictates that England should have no issues with overpowering the men from down under. This time around all those British expatriates in Australia will be able to make their way to the arenas where greatness could be realised for Cook’s men, as they attempt to keep hold of the ashes.

Ashes to be contested again downunder

Ashes to be contested again downunder

Every team goes through a period of change and the Australian cricket team is no different. Going from a team with eleven world class players, to a team with eleven very good players. What the 2013 Ashes in Australia does offer is pure intense competitive cricket. There is no doubt that the barmy army will be accompanied by all British expatriates in Australia, who will be planning on singing loudly and singing proudly for their countrymen.

Former England opening batsman Marcus Trescothick has also written off the chances of the Australian cricket team, saying: “Having shown we can beat them home and away I think we will continue to dominate at the moment.”

There is no denying that the English cricket team are the better side at the moment, ranked second by the ICC. The Aussies have dropped down to fifth, and it is a reflection on their demise and subsiding dominance over their closest rivals. What does this mean for the 2013 Ashes in Australia? Well, it should be comfortable work for England. By no means will the Aussies make it easy, and a whitewash could be a bridge too far. But victory for the poms is a definite certainty.

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