Thursday , 21 September 2017

Excessive Ashes Celebrations Forces ECB to Issue Apology

Excessive Ashes Celebrations Forces ECB to Issue Apology

ECB Apologizes

ECB Apologizes for England Celebrations

The English Cricket Board are apologising for the excessive celebrations at The Oval after defeating Australia 3-0 in the Ashes. It is being reported by Australian journalists that were still present at the ground that the English players urinated on The Oval pitch as a form of celebrating their victory.

The rather disturbing incident has brought much outrage as to the lack of professionalism from the so-called gentlemen of the sport. It was not stated who the players were or how many of them participated in the act but only that together they had produce enough urine to fill the Ashes Cup.

The English Cricket Board has neither denied nor confirmed the allegations. However, The ECB have issued this apology, “The England cricket team would like to state that during our celebrations after winning the Ashes at no time was there any intention to disrespect Surrey CCC, The Oval or anyone else involved in the game we love. As a team we pride ourselves on respecting all things cricket including the opposition and the grounds we play at. We got carried away amongst the euphoria of winning such a prestigious series and accept that some of our behaviour was inappropriate. If that has caused any offence to anyone we apologise for that and want to reassure people that it was a simple error of judgement more than anything else.”

The refusal of the ECB to specifically address the issue could indicate that there is some truth to the story rather than some journalists throwing around words. Players must act in a more professional manner as the whole world watches their every little action. My guess is the overzealous players got drunk on the pitch and couldn’t be bothered to walk to the toilet. They may have been egged on by other reporters there looking for a story. Whichever way you look at it, modern cricket is a far cry from the “gentleman’s sport” it used to be.

– Yhannick Scott

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