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Flexible Working Hours For British Expatriates

Flexible Working Hours For British Expatriates

Research conducted by Natwest International Personal Banking, has revealed that around 70% of British expatriates are not forced to work the traditional nine to five day. In fact, these expats are able to work away from the office, or even flexible hours.

Looking at some specific figures, its revealed that 85% of those expats in Australia have a similar working arrangements. These expats are probably down at the beach a lot more no doubt, under their new arrangements. 79% of those living in New Zealand, 76% of those in Canada, and 78% of those in the USA also had very similar working patterns.

Nations such as China, Singapore and the UAE all had much lower numbers of British expatriates with non-traditional working patterns. The figures showed that 47% in China, 53% in Singapore, and 52% in the UAE had these modern working deals with their employers. Unfortunately, the employers were not listed for all Brits thinking about relocating due to this new revelation.

Better lifestyles and a better balance in life

The reality is many people go to work in other countries because they are after better lifestyles, and a healthier work-life balance. The fact that so many British expatriates are able to develop and further their careers abroad, while also realising the very thing that motivated their decision to leave their home country means their relocation was successful. This no doubt will be inspirational to many others, who are thinking about embarking on a similar journey.

Keeping a happy workforce, and keeping your workforce in mind is a concept employers around the world are finally grasping to their own benefit. This will under no illusion, create a much more driven and hard working collection of employees.

Flexible hours for British expatriates

Flexible hours for British expatriates

Dave Isley, who is the head of Natwest International Personal Banking, said: “The companies that can provide the tools and culture to enable individuals to make time for personal commitments during the working day, will reap rewards when it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees.”

Younger British expats have no trouble with technology, and an increasing number of older expats are becoming increasingly versed at using new technology. This helps since the world is so linked that information can be moved around with great ease. This one skill not only help employees, it also helps employers as it means that their workers are not restricted to where they can do their work. This in return has a positive impact on a more efficient and productive workforce.

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