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Gayle Says Pietersen Should Be Reinstated

Gayle Says Pietersen Should Be Reinstated

Big players usually come with their own egos, and these are usually big too. Chris Gayle and Kevin Pietersen are two solid examples, even though they both have personalities which couldn’t be more opposite. What they both have in common is the battle with the cricket boards they play for, despite both proving their abilities on numerous occasions.

Hair style sums up Pietersen's bold personality

Hair style sums up Pietersen’s bold personality

Kevin Pietersen’s treatment by the England and Wales cricket board and team mates has ruffled more feathers than they would have hoped. West Indian opening batsman Chris Gayle has voiced his support of Pietersen who he feels has been disrespected, and who he feels should be reinstated into the team which is obviously lacking in quality.

Cricketers tend to make safe comments

Despite the decision to end Pietersen’s international career early, Chris Gayle still expects Pietersen to be in the side which is set to play in the T20 World Cup. With the young Joe Root breaking his finger and being ruled out of the tournament, there could be pressure to call on experience rather than youth. The attitude of the West Indian batsman is refreshing, in this day and age the vast majority of sporting professionals try and keep their public comments in the safe spectrum.

Even though Gayle is optimistic, for the original decision to be overturned a big shift in the mentality of the team will be required. Most of whom still believe Kevin Pietersen to be the root cause of their current woes. Pietersen still has a few years of cricket in him still, and thats at minimum, it would be a shame if his talent wasn’t used to inspire the new batsman who would be able to learn from one of the best players in the world.

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