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Google Creates A Visual Music Timeline

Google Creates A Visual Music Timeline

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see how various music genre’s have moved into and out of popularity over the years. Well, it just so happens we are now blessed with such power. Google’s research department, who are quite clearly a handy bunch of people, have released an interactive timeline.

Google create music timeline

Google’s music timeline

Our taste in music has changed drastically. And this timeline, which starts from the 1950’s, explores the popularity of all genres of music from that time. The visual timeline has collected information from Google Play, and specifically the albums and artists users have in their libraries. The thickness of each stripe in the visual timeline, which symbolises a genre of music, will show how popular that genre was throughout the years.

Classical music not included in the music timeline

If you wanted more information on a particular genre all you need to do is click on the corresponding stripe, and you will be able to find out how it swung in and out of popularity over the years. There is also an option that allows you to search for specific artists and albums. This also gives information on how popular the album was and how popular the artist has been over their musical careers.

Google revealed that the reason the music timeline begins in 1950, is because prior to this decade there was not enough data for the visualisation. For the technically inclined, all the data had been normalised according to the total number of albums released each and every year. This has allowed the visualisation to be accurate and proportionate, providing a better picture of genre popularity over the decades.

Out of all genres, the one which has been omitted is classical. Because popularity is dependant on the date it was composed, and most classical music was composed much earlier than any contemporary music genre. This means it would not sit well in the visualisation, and as such adding it in the timeline would be in Google’s words ‘counterintuitive’.

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