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Google Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook, The Truth

Google Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook, The Truth

In an age that saw the rise of Hotmail, and its unfortunate demise. You could be fooled into thinking that no other web mail service could exceed Gmail. But you would be wrong, because Microsoft’s Outlook has arrived to provide serious competition to the Google powerhouse.

Microsoft has been working overtime, in making sure everyone knows that Outlook is still alive and breathing. When people choose their web mail service they usually go with the trend, picking the provider who is the most popular at that moment in time. But there are some very important considerations that need to be made. The battle between Google Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook is definitely on. If you want to find out which is the best between Google Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook, then the following points should provide you with the information you are after.

Gmail has a serious competitor

Gmail has a serious competitor

Google Scans Emails

Almost everyone is well aware that Google scans emails. If you didn’t know this already, well sorry you had to learn about that here. However, Outlook does not scan emails. Google uses the information they find in your emails for targeted advertising. Similar in some respect to Facebook. Outlook has made it very clear that there will be no intrusion, so hopefully passwords will not be stolen. A problem Gmail faced, in the not so distant past.

Outlook Still Offers Personal Folders

For those that gave up personal folders in the 90’s, Microsoft has still gone and included it in Outlook just to haunt you. Gmail employs labels, which groups emails. This also makes it a fair bit easier to search through emails.

Outlook Office

You are able to open and edit documents in Gmail and Outlook. The one difference is compatibility. Using you are able to open a Word doc in Skydrive and it will appear in the very familiar Word interface. These documents can then be downloaded and opened in Word to make any edits. Which can then be uploaded to the cloud, thereby removing any format issues that are usually the case.


Usually when you are checking, or sending emails, you are not interested in the adverts. With Gmail this is unavoidable. But has done away with the barrage of ads on the sides of pages, and is offering users less adverts in their web mail service.

Social Networks

With Gmail you have Google+ which has not taken off as Google would have liked. But has teamed up with social networking giants. Which means it synchronises contacts with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This is very handy if you want more information about a contact. Details such as their place of work and their photo will pop up in the message view.

One other big benefit is that you are able to talk to your Facebook contacts straight from the inbox. This does show that Outlook has one eye on making sure its users are still connected to their Facebook accounts, which is very important in today’s world.

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