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How Bad Do You Want The New iPhone?

How Bad Do You Want The New iPhone?

Apple have just launched their iPhone 5C range, which comes in a variety of colours. These are a welcome relief to the black and white options that had been seen for years. While much of the software will remain the same, how much could they really improve the phone in a year, the appearance will give it a totally new feel.

iPhone 5C in its range of colours

iPhone 5C in its range of colours

Those who are tempted to get their hands on the new handset, do not need to be concerned about leaving their old phone gathering dust. As Apple have started a new scheme that allows customers to take their old handsets to an Apple store, and get up to £175 in return depending on its the condition.

With a new handset being released before the old handset has even had decent use, means that there is serious demand for Apple’s iconic product. A fact that is more apparent when you learn of the story of a Chinese couple who sold their child, just so they were able to purchase the phone. It makes you think what the world has come to.

Selling your child for an iPhone, really?

The phone itself is a luxury product in many nations, and even in developed countries it doesn’t come cheap. But selling your offspring would be an extreme decision, and its a decision that could get you into some serious trouble. The mothers name was not provided, but it is alleged that she used the money to purchase the phone, expensive trainers as well as other items. The only positive being that she was able to purchase more than just the phone.

This is certainly not how Apple want other customers to remember their products, but it shows how badly people want the phone. With the 5C model released, the iPhone 6 is already in the pipeline with rumours that it will have a larger screen. Putting it in direct battle with android phones which also have larger screens.

It would be fair to assume that not everyone will be giving up family members for a phone let alone anything else. But the real question is, if you have to give up something for the iPhone, what would you give up?

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