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Make A Photo Book And Send It To Your Family

Make A Photo Book And Send It To Your Family

As more and more people head to foreign lands for work and to better their lives, the use of picture sharing websites and apps have increased. One of the most popular destinations for individuals such British expatriates who are looking to share photo’s is Flickr.

Currently the photo upload and sharing website which is owned by Yahoo is going through a makeover. However, they did offer up users and fans a look at their redesigned site. They have also just launched Flickr photo books. This will allow users to peruse and show-off their pictures when offline. And even better, Flickr photo books will still allow users to view their images in full resolution when they are viewing them offline.

Anyone interested in the new product from Flickr will be able to order the book straight from their website, by simply clicking on the book icon. The Yahoo owned company revealed that it will analyze each photo that is uploaded by users, and then these photos will be cropped and positioned and automatically placed into a book. After which users themselves will be able to adjust the layout to their taste, reposition, delete or even add new photos. Other options include the ability to zoom into or out of pictures.

Flickr’s photo book service is the simplest

This means that British expatriates will be able to record themselves in their new country, and all their friends and family will also be able to enjoy the detailed photos.

Yahoo owned Flickr offering their users much more

Yahoo owned Flickr offering their users much more

These photo books will not come for free, and the cost for a 20 page book will begin at $34.95 (£21.62). Every additional page thereafter will cost 50 cents (31p). The maximum number of pages any book can hold is 240, this would cost $154.95 (£95.87). Anyone that is interested in creating a book, will be able to have it printed and shipped to them inside seven working days. This is something that is hoped will allow users to enjoy their efforts almost instantly.

The photo book market is very competitive, Blurb and Snapfish are two of the other companies who allow users to make and then print photo books.

The new Flickr photo books service is not just for its existing loyal fans, it is hoped that the new photo book option will attract new users. While it is not the first of its kind, it does provides people with a very simple process to create a book full of memories And in a world where people are able to get their hands on many physical item they desire, having a book of photos you or a loved one has taken is priceless. It would also make a nice present for the families of British expatriates.

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