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Microsoft Goes Head To Head With Google

Microsoft Goes Head To Head With Google

As people around the world become ever more reliant on portable technology, it comes as no shock that their lives are being made easier with other technological improvements. One of the latest being Google Docs, which gives users the ability to create a wide variety of documents that are saved in their online Google Doc accounts.

Google Docs no longer ruling the roost

Google Docs no longer ruling the roost

Google have been pioneers in this instance, and it’s taken a while for its competitors populate the market. In a bid to compete with the biggest search engine on the internet, Microsoft have added real-time editing to their Office Web Apps. Microsoft has created the many very popular office tools for computers.

Real-time co-authoring

The one stand-out feature that Google Doc have had for years is the ability for collaborative real-time editing. This means users are able to edit the same document simultaneously, which is definitely useful for those individuals who have a busy lifestyle. For this reason is it perfect for busy British expatriates, who are a group of people who have been seen to have flexible working arrangements.

Busy British expatriates and busy employees in general will enjoy the new update if they do use Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, which is now available through the internet on desktop computers, Windows tablets, iPads and most mobile devices.

Amanda Lefebvre, Microsoft’s technical product marketing manager, said that the addition of real-time co-authoring means ‘colleagues, friends and family can contribute and edit documents simultaneously in the Word Web App, Powerpoint Web App or Excel Web App’. The other improvement that has been made will give users many more formatting options, bringing the Web versions of these tools closer to the ones found on desktops.

It may not appear as if users will gain any advantage from these apps, but if you look a little closer there are many positives. In this age of huge memory requirements on all devices, it is not uncommon to find that our devices slow down when they begin to reach their memory limits.

Using any of Microsoft’s Web Apps allows you to save your documents in your account on the web, and this also has many associated benefits. The best being the fact that your documents are accessible from any device. Which is even better since most people including those busy British expatriates have the internet at their fingertips, and not having to wait to get to your desktop PC or laptop is a definite perk.

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