Thursday , 21 September 2017

New Balance 980’s For Those With Tender Feet

New Balance 980’s For Those With Tender Feet

Are you one of the few who suffer from tender feet, struggling with a long day at work or in pain after working out. Well the solution to your little problem has just arrived in the shape of the new New Balance 980.

Reptilian skin inspired sole on the New Balance 980's

Reptilian skin inspired sole on the New Balance 980’s

New Balance are a well known shoe company, designing running shoes which have stood the test of time. Their 574 model has been seen on Rihanna’s feet, and many would say that she is a fashionable lady. So instead of purchasing the barefoot inspired running shoe, which could leave you with more pain than pleasure, why not give the Fresh Foam 980s from New Balance a try.

Reptilian inspired soft sole for the sufferers of tender feet

Each and everyone of us is designed in a unique way, and as such no one shoe can cater for the entire world’s population. The design of the New Balance 980 may be a little too funky or fancy for those who prefer a more classic design, but they do have a certain appeal. An exterior which has a hexagonal design, and a sole which has been inspired by the skin on a snake or crocodile.

Those who have already tried the shoe have commented on its actual size, which would make you think its a heavy shoe. But the size of the shoe can be misleading since it is extremely light. A breathable shoe which has a soft midsole for the sufferers of tender feet. The New Balance 980 is definitely a shoe for those who would like to try and rid themselves of their lower body problems. Namely their feet, ankles, shins and even knees.

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