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New World Cup Football The Brazuca Unveiled

New World Cup Football The Brazuca Unveiled

Those yearly milestones roll past, one by one. The ones yet to have their moment are Christmas and New Years Day, of course there are other days in between that will also excite everyone. But what do they mean? What is so significant about these little events? The obvious answer would be that 2014 is rolling around. For football fans it means the World Cup is that much closer.

With the World Cup in mind, the new signature World Cup football has been unveiled. This will be the ball that is set to be used in the tournament to be held in Brazil in 2014, and its been called the Brazuca. Its a six-paneled ball made by Adidas. The ball is named after a Brazilian colloquialism, that refers to something being very Brazilian in style.

Brazuca Adidas football

Brazuca Adidas football

There is no doubt that once the tournament kicks off, fans will get to enjoy the best players in the world putting their skills on display. On Friday this week, the draw that reveals the World Cup groups will be taking place. Questions like who will be playing who? And in which stages of the tournament will the giants of the game be meeting? Will be answered.

How will the ball behave? That is the real question

The very ball that has been designed for the tournament was named after a fan poll in Brazil. This poll attracted one million voters, who all had their say on the name of the new World Cup football. And the name it was given, Brazuca, is sometimes shouted when a skillful move has been witnessed. Which we will all see in abundance at next years spectacle.

This ball is different to the Jabulani ball which was used in the last World Cup and had eight panels. It is very different to the ball from 1970 which used 32 panels, and was given the name Telstar. There is no doubt that the ball due to its fewer panels will behave differently in the air, and skill players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will use it to gain any advantage they can in a bid for success.

So far 600 players including Messi who have tested the ball have been happy with it. The opinion of Messi could be a little biased, since he is a player sponsored by Adidas. We won’t know till the first game of the World Cup, whether or not the ball with move dramatically in the air like the Fevernova used in Japan 2006. Which behaved like a huge bouncing ball. Or will it move like the Jabulani, that had a mind of its own and was described as moving like a volleyball. Its hard to second guess and we will find out.

Designers were clever in including certain aspects of Brazilian tradition. With the swirling multi-coloured ribbon design, invoking the idea of the traditional Brazilian wish bracelets. Adidas have even taken things a little further, taking advantage of the idea that all Brazilian kids are born with a football at their feet. As such the giant sports company donated a copy of the Brazuca World Cup football to every child born on the day the ball was released, which is now sale in the US for around £100.

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