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Not Enough Quality In English County Cricket

Not Enough Quality In English County Cricket

If experience is anything to go by then England should be the winners of the World T20 tournament, but sport rarely works in such a way. In fact despite the English cricket teams greater experience of the shortest form of the game, they are still the least favoured to win the finals which are taking place next week.

No firepower in the England T20 team

No firepower in the England T20 team

Even experience cannot do anything to help the form of England’s batting, a horrible sign for the forthcoming World T20 tournament. In a game where aggression and power are required, it would seem as if England are somewhat lacking. But since they do not require the services of a certain Kevin Pietersen, a player who was able to offer the side the much needed explosive spark, maybe they have a secret strategy.

Country cricket is to blame for weak international side

The problem the English cricket team have is that other teams from around the world seem to produce the players they require. Instead England find themselves settling for players who rarely perform in the way they should, after coming through a system that should prepare them in the most complete way possible.

Reality is, the vast number of county cricketers is outweighing the quality of professional cricket. The standard of these cricketers is just too low for them to enter into the international side and perform at the level expected.

British conditions is another big stumbling block for future players. There is no need for an out and out pace bowler when a medium pacer has more wicket taking success. The same is said about spinners, other than Swann other recent spinners have failed to really cement their position in the England side.

What this really hints to is a bad time for the English cricket team unless drastic steps are taken to improve the level of cricketers from the ground up. Otherwise England will just fail to create teams that other nations will fear, and fail to produce teams who are able to cope with the talent rising in other cricket playing nations and fail to win competitions like World T20 tournament.

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