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Paris Is The Best Student City Once Again

Paris Is The Best Student City Once Again

This is about the time when students start filling in their university applications. Choosing between various establishments, the location of which will determine their careers and lives. So when you choose or even chose your first choice, what were the primary considerations?

Well according to the latest QS Best Student Cities list, Paris proved itself to be the best student city. Paris ranked higher than London on the list for the second consecutive year. Which is saying something, since London is a mecca for students from all over the world. But this news could spark young Brits to study in Paris, and therefore increase the number of British students in France. The reality is, London only missed the top spot by a small two points.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that London attracts some of the best students from around the world, which is a city that can proudly claim that it is home to more first-class higher education institutions than any other city anywhere on earth. Other cities across the United Kingdom also showed their faces on the list, with Manchester and Edinburgh coming in at 29th and 32nd respectively.

Studying in France is cheaper

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said that students coming to the capital would be spoilt by the large number of varied open spaces and a nightlife that is second to none. He also went on to say that the streets were becoming increasingly safer, and transport and infrastructure were being improved through ongoing investments.

The one factor that cannot be ignored is the cost associated with a university education, and it is because of this factor that Paris took the first spot, and coveted title of the best student city. Studying in the capital of France was much cheaper, which makes ‘France a very attractive study destination for domestic and international students’, said Ben Sowter who is the head of research at QS. With university cost so high in the United Kingdom, it would be no surprise to see more British students in France.

Tuition fees higher in London when compared with Paris

Tuition fees higher in London when compared with Paris

The cost of a university degree was not the sole reason behind Paris’s top placing. Students graduating from its many institutions are sort after, which increases their chances of employment. This would support the reason behind the possible influx of British students in France. Moreover, the high quality of living meant the capital was awarded the title of the world’s best student city.

For any city to be ranked, they must have a population in excess of 250,000 and have two universities listed in the QS World University rankings. Taking a look at the world as a whole, 98 cities qualify on the basis of these requirements.

London is still a hotspot for international students

There are five key categories that decide the top 50, these are:

The number of institutions and their position in the world university rankings
The quality of student living
The impression employers have on the quality of graduates
How affordable the city is to live in, this includes tuition fees and the cost of living measure. These are based on the prices of fast food, and consumer electronics
The diversity of students, which includes the number of international students

The UK is well known for being a popular educational destination for international students. This was highlighted by London, Edinburgh and Manchester receiving over 90 points for their diversity of students. Under the same criteria London had been awarded the maximum 100 points. Therefore, making it one of the many highly ranked universities the world over.

Supporting London’s cause were the University College London and King’s College London, who were both ranked in the top 10 of 2013’s QS University rankings. Paris was not only much more affordable in comparison to London, there is also a strong student spine that you would expect in any of the smaller towns that also have a university.

As expected the US has the most cities in 2013’s list, in total it had seven cities in the top 50. Australia had six, whereas Canada and the United Kingdom both had three in the top 50. But it was Paris that was the best student city.

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