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Perth Popular Among British Expatriates

Perth Popular Among British Expatriates

When you think about the best city to build your new life, which ones come to the top of your mind? There is a big difference between the city that expats prefer, and the city that offers them a range of opportunities. However, it is Australia that is pulling in the most Brits looking for a better life.

There are four cities across Australia that made it into the top 10 most popular destinations for Brits to relocate to. Figures from a survey compiled by, have shown that there are more British expatriates in Perth than any other city in Australia.

According to the website, which is an online marketplace for expats, the lure of beaches, a zoo and an aquarium have made the west coast city a popular destination for families. British expatriates in Perth will find that most of the locals work in mining, public administration and agricultural roles.

Beaches in Perth deal maker for British expatriates

Beaches in Perth are a deal maker for British expatriates

New York falls out of the top 10

The one very positive aspect is that all British expatriates in Perth are able to enjoy the large number of communities that have been created by other expats. Not only will this make relocating easier. It will also make settling in a lot easier, when there is support for others to lean on who have been on a similar journey.

Following Perth on the list was Sydney and Melbourne, which are also big tourist destinations. Max Holloway, spokesman for the website, said that the vast majority of expats are moving to Australia to enjoy their growing resources and services sector. This has attracted a large number of Brits and their families who are looking for work in Perth.

The other cities that made up the top 10 are Auckland, Cape Town, Singapore, Brisbane, Berlin, Toronto and Dubai. Falling out of the list was New York, which was second last year. Hong Kong also fell out of the top 10. And expects Sao Paolo to find a place in the top 10 next year. Sao Paolo is the driving force behind the Brazilian economy and with the World Cup and Olympics heading to Brazil, the economy is about to get a big boost.

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