Friday , 17 November 2017

Raheem Sterling Spends Night in Jail

Raheem Sterling Spends Night in Jail

England starlet Raheem Sterling was arrested on allegations of assault on his girlfriend of three years. The eighteen year old pleaded not guilty and will face trail in September. He was charged with section 39 common assault and could face possible jail time if found guilty. Occurrences such as these are not new to players who ply their trade in England. It amuses me however at the frequency of such allegations on not just footballers, but sportsmen in general. Could it be that the media are seeking out these players or are the players themselves just too naive to the reality of modern media? They need to be more prepared by management and better looked after by their ‘mates’.

In the case of Sterling, he has been dating the alleged victim since he made his switch from Queens Park Rangers to Liverpool in 2010. She is no stranger to him or that is what I gather. Why then jeopardize your career and image in such a negative light? I do agree that mistakes will happen in life and he is still learning on and off the pitch. He is innocent until proven guilty but this will surely affect his psych and possibly the football he plays.

These allegations and assaults will never stop when it comes to players, who are even more under the realm of the English game where every move you make is scrutinised. Some actually are that careless and some are found in unfortunate situations. We can only hope it works out well for the young promising England international and the young lady in question.

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