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Sachin Tendulkar Retires At The Very Very Top

Sachin Tendulkar Retires At The Very Very Top

11.46am, Saturday 16 November. This is a moment that cricket fans all over the world will find poignant, this is the moment that an era came to a close. Sachin Tendulkar is quite possibly the finest example of a sporting hero, and sportsman, and even a legend. Among fans he is loved, he is loved everywhere that cricket is played. He is revered, and revered by the highest of the game.

In India Tendulkar is an icon, having an almost god-like status. The ‘Little Master’ as he is called, simply played cricket. He had no desire to do anything else. A career spanning 24-years came to end with a not out. With every fan in the Wankhede Stadium in India chanting his name. With tears shed, and with magical moments being remembered.

Despite him becoming a household name, achieving great success, and amassing great wealth he has remained humble. There is no bowler anywhere in the world that can claim that they escaped the Master Blasters skills. This is a self-made man, that at the young age of 16 became India’s youngest test player. It was also at 16 that he became the youngest batsman to make a test match hundred.

Sachin! Sachin! Fans chanted Tendulkar’s name as India mark his retirement with a test win.

The list of Tendulkar’s cricketing achievements run a long way into the distance. His is a record that will more than likely never be seen again or surpassed. In the current world where players are overcome by the amount of cricket they play, he has thrived.

Tendulkar leaves a mark on the game that can never be forgotten

Tendulkar leaves a mark on the game that can never be forgotten

It is important to note that he has played the the game at the highest level, and during his 24-years has seen the game of cricket evolve. Somehow he has managed to score hundreds, score big runs, and terrorise every bowler who had the pleasure to try and take his wicket. A small man, with immense talent and power.

This marks a sad time in cricket. The likes of Tendulkar, Lara, Jayasuriya, Waugh, Ul-Huq and Ponting have all left the game. Players of a golden era in cricket. Today was Sachin Tendulkar’s day, and as fans we are lucky to have lived through a time when a special man showed what it means to be a true sporting professional. And a successful one at that, he represented a value that the vast majority want to hold tight. His legacy will transcend cricket. But it is at the crease, with the bowler preparing to deliver the next ball where we will remember Sachin Tendulkar.

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