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Samsung Files Patent For A Phone With New Touchscreen Technology

Samsung Files Patent For A Phone With New Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology has changed the world. Not only has it been used in popular portable devices such as tablets, they are now central to most mobile phones. You only have to look at the iPhone and Samsung models to see how powerful these once very basic mobile phones have become.

As the software in question improves, so will the way we use touchscreens. The latest plans for phones is a transparent screen, that has touchscreen technology on both sides of the actual phone. Therefore, users will be able to control the phone, or have the option to do so from front and back.

One of the images filed with the U.S. patent

One of the images filed with the U.S. patent

Samsung, one of the few technology giants, have already filed for a patent. Which will cover any future development of a transparent display, that can be controlled by the users finger from both sides of the mobile device. Plans have progressed to the stage that pictures have been filed with the U.S. patent, showing the benefits of this new development in touchscreen technology. One of the main perks that have been highlighted is the user’s fingertip not getting in the way when selecting an app, or when moving certain items around the screen.

Uses of dual touchscreen software has no bound

Touchscreen games could benefit from this new technology. Most consoles use controllers which have buttons on the tops of the controller, making it easier for the user to select buttons and play the game. In general this new development could further simplify the phone’s interface. Instead of searching for certain apps or looking for the right option to press on, touching the rear touchscreen could bring up such a menu. Something as simple as touching the rear screen to bring up the comments on a picture which may have been posted on any of the social networks is just one example of its use.

Furthermore, the rear display can be used when viewing videos or listening to music. Having options such as fast forward, rewind and play all on the rear display will mean your view will never be interrupted again. A picture that was included in the patent, showed how taking a photograph could be a simple and quick dragging motion.

What can be done with the additional screen has no bound. However, as of yet nothing has been mentioned of a launch of such a phone or the touchscreen technology itself. The patent filed by Samsung goes into depth about the software, but nothing has been mentioned about the times and dates. There is one thing that can be guaranteed, the speed in which internet and mobile technology is developing means we will not have a long wait.

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