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Samsung S5 Starts The New Era Of Mobile Phones

Samsung S5 Starts The New Era Of Mobile Phones

The launch of the Samsung S5 was met with an excited crowd of thousands in Barcelona. An event which had the attention of the entire world all because it has the power to change the lives of the 50 million users of Samsung products. This might be a bold statement, but digital technology is a huge deal, and it has gone from being on the fringes of society to being central in everyday living.

In regards to the launch of the Samsung S5 and the phone itself, well its water proof. Is there anything more that needs to be said? With the number of new smartphones destroyed by water this one improvement reigns supreme.

New Samsung S5

New Samsung S5

Fastest internet ever

Furthermore, it is dust proof and you can also pay for stuff online using your fingerprint. A futuristic feature only going on to highlight the rapid progression in mobile technology, and the fact that we are now firmly in the future many use to speak off.

One very subtle feature appears in the camera, and the ability to focus after a picture has been taken. And just when you thought network speeds couldn’t get any faster, they can. The Samsung S5 has made network speeds even faster by combining WIFI and 4G into one single stream. If Samsung is to be believed, then their new phone surpasses the iPhone and all of the other competitors.

New smartphones in general, with the addition of the internet, are capable of completing almost every task we could wish to complete. In many ways turning the mobile phone into a tool to control things remotely.

S5 marks the start of a new era

Whether the new smartphones are used as a remote control or for any other purpose, what is clear is that the phone is a central part of everyday living. If the last ten years are anything to go by, the coming ten years will make the current batch of mobile phones look ancient.

Taking a moment to mention Samsung’s S5, it would be surprising if it didn’t amaze. Because as a beacon in the mobile phone market it puts light on a new exciting era. One which pays no attention to the size of the phone screen, but does revolve around how it will control the electronic devices in our lives.

The launch of the Samsung S5 is the start of an era where phones are no longer just part of a collection of phones, but one which has strong ties to other gadgets. Our watches, fitness trackers, TV’s, fridges, washing machines will only be a small selection of the controllable.

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