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Social Networking Has Instigated Cases Of Depression

Social Networking Has Instigated Cases Of Depression

Modern day depression can be attributed to many of our modern inventions, and social networking is one of the biggest causes of the illness. In 2014 our digital identity holds more power than ever before, and having Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts may not always be positive for our mental health.

Digital identities are making children depressed

Digital identities are making children depressed

In the days before these networking tools were created, the identity people considered to be of most importance was their real identity. But this all changed, and now it is the digital identity that the vast majority of people have forged which is giving them the most concern.

Children suffering from social-networking related depression

The worry for those looking at these individuals is the impact this is having on their real personalities. The fact that they are so caught up with their digital identity is effecting their self-esteem, and in some cases even bringing about eating disorders.

While the world is becoming more digital, the reality is the most important relationships we have are with those people we can physically see. Allowing the comments from other users of social networking sites to sway and change who we are is not positive, while a bully is a bully an online bully has to be the worst kind. All because they are in relative safety when they make negative comments.

Research completed by Harvard Medical has shown depression to afflict almost 3% of children, and just over 8% of teens in the US. And it is worrying to see depression in people of such a young age. However, there are ways to protect ourselves from walking down similar paths and avoid succumbing to social-networking related depression.

Don’t allow the negativity of others to affect who you are

Firstly make sure you take some time away from technology and social media. Unplug your devices, or if you are at work maybe step away from the computer for a few mins and talk to real people.

Secondly, be confident in yourself, if you aren’t learn to be so that the negativity of others doesn’t enter into your mind. Always remind yourself of your positive qualities, thinking solely of the negative will become crippling and could lead to social-networking related depression.

Lastly, if social media is your release for boredom. Try and take up a hobby that gets you to mix and mingle with other actual human beings, maybe even pick up and read a book. It is important to remember the world we live in and the people in it, many of whom we can socialise with in person. So why restrict yourself to the digital world, when the real world is so much more exciting.

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