Thursday , 19 October 2017

Social Networks Make Life Easier For Expatriates

When you wake up in the morning, what is usually the first points of call on the agenda? Well, for an increasing number of people, including British expatriates, the day starts with checking every one of their social networks. However, the power of these social networking applications is so great that most people are constantly checking them, multiple times during the hours they are awake.

Does the following sound familiar: checking Twitter in the morning for news and Facebook for any updates from friends; uploading your breakfast, lunch and possibly dinner to your Instagram account; then going back to Facebook to make arrangements for your evening with friends or family. If that sounds like you, then unfortunately you are one of the afflicted.

Facebook is a requirement for the modern world

But the news isn’t all bad. Because without these avenues for communication, being a British expatriate would not be easy. Keeping in contact with family would not be easy. Yes there are phones, but nobody really talks with their loved ones all day long. Sometimes, just being able to follow their life is all you need to know they are okay and happy. The occasional passing message, or comment, sharing information are all much easier when you have a space that fulfills that criteria.

Facebook is required by expatriates

Facebook is required by expatriates

For the many criticisms social networking gains, there are many countering benefits. There are those who use Facebook for business purposes, or to promote certain products. But when its used for the purpose it was first created for, then there is nothing more relevant than Facebook. Which is why it is so embedded in our modern way of life, it would not work if it was solely used for business.

British expatriates are not only able to meet with other expatriates by using Facebook, it also brings the world closer together when your are actually miles apart. With an increasing number of people moving away seeking happiness and to realise career ambitions or just better their lifestyles, it would be much more emotionally taxing if they still couldn’t maintain the closeness with their loved ones who they left behind.

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