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Technology And Santa Just Don’t Mix

Technology And Santa Just Don’t Mix

Santa does exist. Even if he only exists in the minds of young kids worldwide, and that is all that matters during the festive time of year. See one hurdle for kids is the digital age, and this is just as big an issue for parents. In the past kids would write carefully thought letters to Santa, listing all the toys they wanted and making sure to mention they had been good all year. However, there are probably large numbers of kids doing the same thing via email.

Santa checking emails just doesn't seem right

Santa checking emails just doesn’t seem right

These kids will not be writing Santa Claus and North Pole on their envelopes, instead they will need to find his email address. The problem is, how do you find his email address. I mean you will get so many hits, it will be hard to tell which is the actual right and real one. In fact just using Google to search for ‘Santa’s email address’ will turn up a whole host of websites, each one will try and convince you that they are the link to the man in question.

Don’t let the internet kill the magic of Christmas

Sending handwritten letters to Santa is much more personal in comparison to sending an email, and there is the risk that the magic of Christmas could be lost in this digital age. Part of the magic stems from our memories as kids, and writing letters is one of those warm memories.

With 2014 just kicking off, kids will be thinking about next Christmas. One of the strange things about Christmas is, it always seemed a long way away as kids. But for kids the excitement will still run strong, and thoughts of what to include in their letters will be running wild. Embracing modern technology is all well and good, but it clearly doesn’t suit the small things which serve to build lifelong memories. Especially those hopeful and happy ones that have lasted generations.

Therefore, the only real alternative is to go back to those handwritten letters to Santa. It is clear that Santa Claus does not belong in the technological world, one which makes the world seem smaller than it is. He should be remembered as the character from the far away snow covered world. No ones want the harsh truth at Christmas, and posting a letter is much more magical than the click of the enter button when sending an email.

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