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The Most Expensive City In India For British Expatriates Is… New Dehli

The Most Expensive City In India For British Expatriates Is… New Dehli

If you take a look at the list of places around the world that are the most expensive for expatriates and including British expatriates, then you would know that New Delhi is one of those places. In fact, New Delhi is the most expensive city in India for its foreign visitors, or for those who have relocated.

In the global list of most expensive cities, it ranked 228th. The research, called the ‘Cost of Living’ survey’, was completed by ECA International. India have suffered from high inflation, which is a problem faced by many countries in this tough economic time. However, the real problem has come from the depreciation of the rupee during the last twelve months. This has sent many Indian cities tumbling down the rankings.

New Delhi in particular has slipped down fourteen places, which is closely followed by Mumbai which has dropped nine positions. This has left Mumbai in 237th position, a city kept company by Bangalore which has gone down three positions to 244.

Most expensive place for expatriates is is South America

India has one of the fastest growing economies, and this would help through increased tourism and even longer term visitors from abroad. But if foreign visitors feel like they will have to spend more, they may be turned off the idea of heading to India.

Taj Mahal in New Delhi

Taj Mahal in New Delhi

Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, holds the title for the most expensive place for expatriates. This is bad news for locals and foreigners. If you are a British expatriate travelling or living in the South American country then you will find a 60% price hike, which is the increase noticed in the ECA’s shopping list since this time last year.

The Indian economy has been decelerating since 2010, and the most recent fall in the value of the rupee will force prices to head north. In turn, this could have the unfortunate effect of destabilising the economy. It has been mentioned by Steven Kilfedder, Manager of the Cost of Living and Remuneration Services at ECA International, that any company sending their staff in or out of India need to keep a close eye on the situation.

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