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Twitter Forced To Backtrack After ‘Block’ Option Fails

Twitter Forced To Backtrack After ‘Block’ Option Fails

Twitter, alongside Facebook is responsible for changing the world as we know it. No longer do we have to wait for news angled to favour some political group, or news that is angled to influence us in a certain controlled manner. Social media allows for information to spread instantaneously, news coming straight from normal folk.

As the way in which information sharing develops and changes. Websites such as Twitter have to react in order to keep in control of how their site is used, so the freedom of speech given to users is not abused.

Just recently Twitter had to reverse a change it made, one which altered how users were able to block other users. The change that reversed within a three day period, because users were not happy. Since the users make the website, their views were vitally important.

Twitter asked to help combat cyberbullying

The change Twitter had made, meant blocked users were still able to see the Tweets the person who had blocked them published. Furthermore, they were still able to interact with the Tweets and the accounts of those that had blocked them, and this did not go down well with those who had used the block function.

Because of the outcry, Twitter said that they had gone back to the older rules. Which meant that anyone who was blocked, would no longer be able to follow the account. Such a function is necessary, especially when data is shared online. It is required to stop trolls, and even those online commentators who are sending distasteful messages and Tweets.

A call has been made to Twitter to do more to help the issue of cyberbullying, after there were high-profile instances of trolling. Which meant users of Twitter were being overloaded with threats and abuse by other users.

Twitter's 'report' button

Twitter’s ‘report’ button

A ‘report Tweet’ button was introduced to fight the issue. Michael Sippey, Twitter’s vice president of product, said the change was to help prevent further abuse. It was hoped that those who were blocked did not know they were, since users often retaliated when they found out that they been blocked. He went on to say that Twitter is looking at other ways to protect users from any form of cyberbullying.

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