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User Privacy Drives Creation Of The New Blackphone

User Privacy Drives Creation Of The New Blackphone

Phones are a central part of everyday living, with most people being in contact with their phones for large portions of the day. And many of us will have no problem when it comes to adapting to new phones, from different manufacturers with different interfaces and operating systems.

However, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month will be the destination where a very new type of phone is set to be launched. The ‘Blackphone’ as it is called, will have many features not seen in mobile phones the majority of people are versed at using. One of the stand-out features of the Blackphone will be its operating system called PrivatOS, created with mobile privacy in mind. Through the system, calls and messages will be kept private.

The very minimalistic looking Blackphone

The very minimalistic looking Blackphone

The new phone and operating system have been designed by two companies. One of whom is Silent Circle, who are specialists in mobile privacy. The other is Geeksphone, who have been creating top notch devices using Mozilla’s Firefox operating system.

Private browsing is another perk

In an age when phone activity can be monitored, the collaboration between the two companies has created a phone which has the ability to stay out of reach of prying eyes. Perfect for all those people who value their mobile privacy, and would prefer not to share it with external onlookers.

Information from the phones website,, reveals that it will let users make and receive phone and video calls in complete knowledge that the information being sent back and forth will remain secure. This will also include messages and files, and even private browsing using a virtual private network (VPN). Moreover, there will be tools installed in the Blackphone giving the user complete control of all the goings on while using the mobile device.

Rumours suggest that the phone will share a similar appearance to the hugely popular iPhone, and that it will be designed to work with any carrier. More information will be revealed next month, so stay tuned.

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