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Video Game Technology Changing The Movie Industry

Video Game Technology Changing The Movie Industry

Once upon a time video games were not seen in the positive light they are now. They were associated with those individuals who were on the extremities of the social circle. Possibly the ‘loners’. It is important to remember that online gaming has been a recent invention. In the past you would either play video games on your own, or you would have to have friends in the same room playing the game with you.

But as time moves forward, things change. Oh how things have changed! Not so long ago it was games that were trying to emulate films. The story lines, and many other aspects. But now it is movies trying to emulate games, through the inclusion of game technology.

The Gameboy revolutionised the game industry

The Gameboy revolutionised the game industry

Taking movies to a whole new place

The technology that game companies are developing and have developed is what sets them apart from each other. No longer do you see poor graphics, just look at all the sports and racing titles that are around. If you were to take a quick look at one of these new titles being played you could be fooled into believing that you were watching the real thing. This technology is so powerful that the movie industry is drawn to it, simply due to the possibilities it offers them. MONEY!

By working closer with the games industry, movies are able to take actions scenes to another level. They will be able to take fight scenes to another level, but they will be able to take storytelling to another level.

Gollum is the character played by Andy Serkis in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Serkis is the co-founder of studio called The Imaginarium. He said “There was probably a time when people in the games industry wanted to emulate films, but now it’s very much the other way around: the technology is driven by video games. So, for instance, virtual production, pre-vis, many of the tools we use in the film industry have come out of the games industry.”

All of us movie fans have to thank the those guys that played games back when games weren’t cool, because they no doubt had a part to play in the evolution of the industry.

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