Thursday , 21 September 2017

Want To Boost Your Facebook ‘Like’ Stats?

Want To Boost Your Facebook ‘Like’ Stats?

There are only a very small percentage of people in the world who do not actively use Facebook, and there is a smaller number of people who just do not have an account. For them the following will mean absolutely nothing. But for the many who do use Facebook, for the many who are simply addicted, the following could be mindblowing.

There are many factors that affect the number of ‘Likes’ your updates will get. The number of people you are friends with, and whether or not the new update has the power to catch the attention of a large number of users are just two.

Using underhanded tactics

For those people who are looking to artificially increase the stats on their page to impress their friends or even improve sales, all they need to do is send a barrage of private messages. This message must include a link to your page, and Facebook will add a +2 to your page’s ‘Like’ count for every message.

The power of 'Likes'

The power of ‘Likes’

Facebook will scan each and every message that users send, this is to be expected. They do not want users sending spam, and they definitely want to keep people safe while monitoring the general security aspect. Messages that include links to certain torrent sites are banned. These messages will be blocked, but what isn’t blocked is how much data-mining is occurring.

Those using the social networking monster for business purposes can increase their own ‘Like’ count by offering things to users. Discounts, prizes etc. Which are also used to inflate statistics. And lets be honest, having more ‘Likes’ is better than less. Getting them through underhanded, darker routes, seems quicker than waiting for the stats to increase naturally.

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