Friday , 17 November 2017

Warning! Snapchat Accounts Hacked

Warning! Snapchat Accounts Hacked

You can just see everyone who uses Snapchat, and who have just learnt of this unfortunate news shaking their heads in disappointment. But it is true, Snapchat accounts have been hacked, and that in itself is never linked with anything which can remotely be described as positive. Even though the computer criminals in this case would try and make you believe different.

Snapchat details where downloadable

Snapchat details where downloadable

Hackers maybe very clever individuals, but you have to question the payoff for hacking Snapchat accounts. Nevertheless, almost 5 million users of the photo-messaging application have had their account details stolen. These include usernames and partial phone numbers, except for the last two digits in the latter.

Hackers were morally minded

What makes this worse is these details were posted online. This website now appears to have been shut down. But the damage has been done, since this information could have been downloaded countless times. There was rumours that it was nothing but a hoax. However, this was dispelled as the hackers had been contacted and interviewed. From which it was made perfectly clear that Snapchat accounts were hacked.

Apparently as crazy as it seems, these cybercriminals revealed that they were motivated by the attempt to raise awareness around the issue of tech startups not focusing enough attention on security and privacy. Their impression is that these technology companies are failing to recognise the importance of security, and as such are leaving flaws and minimal failures in their software which can be exploited.

Firms often use hackers to spot any weaknesses. But these cybercriminals can go from working with these firms, to working against them if they feel they aren’t being taken seriously. Which seems to be a frequent occurrence.

It seems as if Snapchat didn’t introduce such a scheme, where hackers helped to make their app resilient and free of any glitches or flaws. Which left a tantalising opportunity for these cybercriminals. But the news isn’t all bad, because if you live anywhere other than a specific area of the USA you will be fine. So Brits need not worry, but this alarming news should force you to think of your internet security.

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