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Who Knew British Expatriates Were Headed To Bulgaria

Who Knew British Expatriates Were Headed To Bulgaria

While the press and people of Britain moan and whinge about the large number of converging foreigners, the steady movement of British emigrants is going relatively under the radar. Official statistics are showing that almost 30,000 Brits leave the UK permanently each year.

The interesting part of this statistic is the spread of this expatriates, looking at where they are going. Well, one of the popular destinations just happens to be Bulgaria. Its probably not what you expected to read, but the stats do not lie.

Figures from the British Embassy in Sofia have shown that there are approximately 8,000 to 9,000 British expatriates in Bulgaria. However, this is a tentative figure, and the embassy has said that the number could quite easily be higher.

British emigrants may find Bulgarian job market and life easier

The question does have to be asked. Why is it that these British expatriates in Bulgaria chose this eastern European nation? Firstly, the type of expat residing in Bulgaria is not the retired, old and cannot speak Bulgarian type. In fact, the type of Brit that has called Bulgaria home, is the inner-city kind. And they are seeking out rural living. One of the most popular destinations has been Veliko Tarnovo, with 3,000 immigrants moving there each year.

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

One obstacle facing these British expatriates in Bulgaria comes in the shape of unemployment. Most do not have jobs because they have suffered at the hands of the financial crisis, and are finding it a struggle to live of any savings. And if they are entitled to a UK pension, than that is also a sticking point. Since it has also fallen in value due to the demise of the pound sterling. This means the tough Bulgarian labour market has become even more competitive.

With the UK opening its borders to Bulgarians, the job market in this eastern European country should get easier for all those British emigrants living their lives out in the country. In a way its a win win situation for all involved.

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