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World Cup Forces Hotel Prices To Skyrocket

World Cup Forces Hotel Prices To Skyrocket

2014 will see the football world cup return to Brazil. A nation that has been by far the most successful in the tournament which began in 1930. The five time champions will see all the best footballing nations fly into Brazil for June 12, when one of the worlds most watched sporting events will kick-off. British expatriates in Brazil would be in prime location for an England onslaught, which is more of an optimistic comment at this stage.

All the stars and teams playing in the tournament will have their hotels booked for them, but what is the situation for all the fans who are going to converge on the South American nation. Well, hotels have already poked their prices in the derriere. So if fans want to stay at a nice hotel, then they will have to be extortionate prices. The simple law of supply and demand is running riot out in Brazil.

For all those British expatriates in Brazil, the story is a little sweeter. Not only do they have places to stay, for the most part they will be able to escape the chaos that will ensue. But then there is the possibility to make a little money and rent out spare rooms to ‘responsible and sensible’ fans. Although that could come under the wishful thinking category.

Favela guest houses for fans

Guest houses in the ghetto for World Cup fans

Guest houses in the ghetto for World Cup fans

However, the story is a totally different for the other British expatriates in Brazil who really do not care about football. Everything about the beautiful game eludes them, and as such the momentary increase in Brazilian population will be of great frustration.

The bonus for these expats could be that beaches will be quiet while the games are under way. The final is set to be played in Rio de Janeiro, and most of the hotel rooms in its vicinity have already been booked. This is despite the inflated prices hotels have been charging. In August Embratur, a tourist board in Brazil, had made a request to Fifa to look at hotel prices. A survey that was then completed, showed that many rooms had jumped in price by 600%.

This means that any fans looking to enjoy the tournament and keep their pockets happy may have to look at staying in guest houses in favelas. These are the same favelas that were run by armed and violent drug gangs. But since 2008 Brazil have made a huge effort in gaining control of these areas, so police are able to patrol and control them and keep them safe once more.

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