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Xbox One Sales Will Leave Xbox 360 Launch Sales In Its Wake

Xbox One Will Leave Xbox 360 Launch Sales In Its Wake

Talk about profits, and supplying a demand. The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 will be going head to head this Christmas. Most electronic retailers, superstores and online destinations will all be competing with each other, so there may be some good deals grab. The Xbox One release date has already come and gone, and it will be priced at £429. Which is a decent chunk of change, for the follow up to the Xbox 360. Which was offered to the world, and greatly received by the masses almost eight years ago.

The Xbox One release date in the UK was midnight last Thursday (21 November 2013). But the Xbox One release date and respective launches across the world, which didn’t include Japan resulted in 1 million Xbox One sales. In Japan, the Xbox One release date is set for some time in 2014.

The now classic Xbox 360

The now classic Xbox 360

Europe want more Xbox’s!

Video game retailer Game have given their opinion on the Xbox One sales so far, saying that the excitement for the new console was high. Ian Chambers, Game’s chief digital officer, has said that gamers had been waiting for the new Xbox console for over eight years. And the new console generated a more than huge turnout, at the famous midnight openings at the 300 or more Game stores across the United Kingdom.

Game have received a record number of pre-orders for the newest attempt by Microsoft, and from the initial reaction there is strong suggestion that Xbox One sales will easily exceed those of the Xbox 360. Back in 2005 the UK had sold out of Xbox 360’s within hours of the console being available. If records are correct, then 80 million of the older console have been sold. There were only 300,000 Xbox 360’s allocated to Europe when it was launched, and they sold out fast. Therefore, Microsoft have nothing to fear by allocating more of the newer console to Europe especially with the buzz that is surrounding it.

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