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Aircraft Safety Needs To Be Looked At Closely

Aircraft Safety Needs To Be Looked At Closely

By now almost everyone connected with the wider world will have heard of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. The tragic news has sent shockwaves around the world, news which has made governments from other countries act to help and find the missing plane.

It has been over a week and nothing, no clue or idea exists regarding the whereabouts of the plane and its 239 passengers. In the world we live in, which has become dependent on the internet and the continuous flow of information, it is a bigger worry that something the size of a plane can just disappear without anyone knowing where it has gone. Although there is suggestion that it could have been hijacked.

Search continues for missing Malaysian Airlines Plane and its passengers

Search continues for missing Malaysian Airlines Plane and its passengers

Anyone linked to the search of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 cannot be blamed for the lack of success in its search, but the question of ‘how an aircraft vanish into what can only be described as thin air?’ definitely needs to be asked and definitely needs an answer.

Losing a flying plane is just not acceptable in a world which continues to get smaller

Technology has progressed to such an extent that the seemingly backward technology used in planes should be questioned. Every plane is fitted with a couple of black boxes, and these record data which provide information should things take a turn for the worse. Not only can these boxes survive impacts of up to 500kph and temperatures reaching 1,100 degrees C for up to an hour, they are also able to send signals for 30 days from 6,000 metres below the sea.

The black boxes on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 could still provide vital information, should they be found! At the moment there is no real answer other than suspicions and conspiracies. There are technicalities like rescue vehicles having to be inside 25km to detect the signal of the black boxes, which make the situation even more difficult and frustrating. Since by now technology should have progressed to allow these boxes to send continuous real-time data, this would make more sense.

What is clear is the aviation industry has to have a closer look at aircraft safety, in this day and age not knowing where a plane carrying the best part of 300 people has gone is just not acceptable.

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