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As Swann Retires, His Decision Also The End Of An Era For England

As Swann Retires, His Decision Also Marks The End Of An Era For England

After riding a really successful wave like the English cricket team have, it is hard to comprehend such an overwhelming defeat like the one suffered in the current Ashes series. There are two tests left, but the series is over. Players have nothing to compete for other than their own pride. But defeats like this hit the older players hard. Those who provided the backbone to the team and squad.

Graeme Swann

Graeme Swann

One senior player to fall under the pressure was Trott. Three matches in, and Graeme Swann has also fallen to the beating the English cricket team have endured in the hot sun down under. He announced his retirement from both international and first-class cricket, which means he will leave the tour.

England need to find the balance again

This news does not in any shape or form help England. Graeme Swann is considered as one of the world’s best spinners, and has been vital in allowing England to play with a four strong bowling unit. He said that the decision had been very difficult to make, but felt the time was right to move on.

Swann, 34, has been part of the England squad for seven years. During which he has taken 255 wickets in 60 tests, a record that any test match bowler would be proud to have. And it puts him sixth on the list of England’s leading wicket-takers. Graeme Swann never seemed liked the type to question his decisions, and he has stated he doesn’t regret his career. There is no doubt he won’t regret his decision, professional players can tell and feel when the time is up.

The shock retirement will give England problems as the fourth test is set to begin. The balance of the side will concern Andy Flower, one which has forced him to call-up other spinners from England. This is definitely an end of an era for the English cricket team. But maybe this is destiny, since a young all-rounder in the shape of Ben Stokes will give England the balance they will desperately require.

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