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British Expatriates And A Spanish Retirement Pension

British Expatriates And A Spanish Retirement Pension

After moving to Spain from the United Kingdom and working, paying your way and living. Knowing whether or not you are entitled to the Spanish pension is fair and just. If you have worked in more than one European Economic Area country. Then there is a strong possibility that the contributions you have made towards the pensions in each of your jobs, can and will be taken into account when your pension is calculated.

Any British expatriates in Spain who have been employed for at minimum one year, could be entitled to the Spanish retirement pension. This is if all the requirements have been met. Since it is unlikely the government is going to pay a pension to just anyone.

You can make contributions to a Spanish pension

You can make contributions to a Spanish pension

Expats could be entitled to a Spanish pension

If you are one of the many British expatriates in Spain, and are interested in learning more about how and when you can claim your Spanish retirement pension then you need to contact the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social (INSS). By doing so, you will also be able to find out how the contributions you made into a pension in the United Kingdom can contribute towards your entitlement to a Spanish retirement pension.

For those that do not know, the INSS is the National Institute for Social Security. They are responsible for anything related to social security. Therefore, if you have ever worked in Spain, then the INSS should be your first point of contact if your making any pension claim.

If as an expat in Spain you feel inclined to apply for a pension, then it is vitally important that you provide full and complete details. Especially in regards to your working history. So in short, if you have worked and also made contributions to Spain’s social security system, then you would be entitled to the Spanish pension.

British expatriates in Spain will not be able to able to receive any Pension Credit. This is because Pension Credit is means tested, and it is also very different to the State Pension which unlike Pensions Credit is exportable.

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